Is Brexit going to have an impact on your pension?

The UK referendum vote to leave the EU has caused quite the scare amongst future retirees.  A recent survey by retirement expert Prudential shows that the Brexit effect is creating uncertainty among people planning to retire in 2017, with more than one in four (27%) of this year’s retirees worried that the decision to leave the EU will negatively impact their finances in the long-term.

Following on from this recent survey, Angela Maher, Acumen Financial Partnership’s, Managing Director was invited onto Tony Snell’s this morning show on BBC Radio Merseyside to offer advice. You can listen again by going to the BBC Radio Merseyside website and starting at 1:07.

Angela said:

Anyone planning to retire this year can expect to benefit from the highest retirement incomes since 2008. So, in monetary terms, Brexit has had little impact on retirement forecasts. Delving beneath the surface though, we can see that there is a certain amount of uncertainty and anxiety among many of this year’s retirees.

 “Of course, for the vast majority of people, even one of the biggest political upheavals in recent memory will not throw their retirement plans off course. However, with one in three new retirees reporting that their retirement plans have in some way been affected by the Brexit result, we must acknowledge that the issue is affecting the lives of some retirees.” 

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