New Year’s resolutions for financial fitness

New Year’s resolutions for financial fitness

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Most New Year’s resolutions include some self-care goals. The top three resolutions of 2018, according to a YouGov poll, were to eat better, exercise more and spend less money. We would hazard that these aspirations will still be en vogue in 2019. Although Acumen can’t assist with your dietary and exercise regimes, we can help you to maintain your resolve when it comes to caring for your money.

Financial New Year’s resolutions

With a brand-new year comes fresh new opportunities to set achievable financial resolutions. After the excesses of Christmas, many of us naturally look to tighten our belts come January – in more ways than one! Waistlines and bottom lines can both take a major hit during the festive season, prompting many of us to scamper back to the gym and take a long hard look at our savings.

Seeking professional help can be hugely motivating for both your fitness and financial resolutions. Think of an independent financial adviser (IFA) as a personal trainer for your money. Someone who can offer you guidance about the best techniques, regimens and strategies to keep your finances healthy. Going it alone is hard. Make life easier for yourself with a little extra help this year.

How Acumen Can Help You To Keep Your Financial Resolutions

New Year financial planning

There are countless ways that Acumen can help you to achieve your financial fitness goals. Here are just a few of the benefits of enlisting the services of one of the most highly regarded IFAs in the North West.

Seek out bespoke financial planning

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to speak to an IFA about your finances, you’ll find that Acumen advisers spend time getting to know you and your financial situation. We build up a detailed picture of your financial history, existing financial plans, savings and borrowings. Then we analyse this data and present you with a bespoke financial plan. We’re completely unrestricted and unbiased, which means we will always recommend financial solutions with your best interests at heart.

Gain independent investment advice

If one of your financial New Year’s resolutions is to develop your investment portfolio, we can help. Acumen offers comprehensive investment advice and planning, including asset allocation, appropriate investment selection, inheritance tax mitigation and educational cost planning. Acumen’s expert investment managers give you a detailed understanding of the potential risks associated with your investments and how those could affect your financial situation.

Take advantage of expert pension planning

When the UK government instigated the new pension freedoms in 2015 they introduced a host of new options and greatly increased the flexibility with which Britons could access their pension pots. If one of your financial resolutions is to get to grips with your pension, Acumen has a team of expert pension planners to support you. They’ll analyse your financial situation and recommend the most beneficial pension advice that’s tailored specifically around you and your aspirations for retirement.

Enlist in a cash management service

Acumen’s cash management service takes away the hassle of managing your own cash deposits, so you can maximise your return and minimise the risk. With our cash management service you only deal with a single trusted point of contact, while our online hub gives you an instant snapshot of how your cash savings are performing. Available at the click of a button on your mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

Get some clarity about equity release schemes

Equity release can give you access to a sum of money from your property, which can help to boost your retirement income. Acumen can help you to understand the various equity release options available to you and how they can benefit your financial planning for retirement. Whether you’re looking for lifetime mortgage advice or to understand how home reversion plans work, Acumen can provide all the guidance you need.

Make enlisting the advice and support of Acumen’s expert advisers one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2019. For more information about any of our high-quality products and services, please contact Acumen today on 0151 520 4353 or email

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