Will Brexit affect my investments?

Will Brexit affect my investments?

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Not for the first time the pollsters got it wrong – and this time the bookies did too. The shockwaves that greeted the victory of the Leave campaign are beginning to recede and the chaos that appeared to be reigning in the Conservative party looks like a rather mild affair compared to the total disintegration of the Corbyn Shadow Cabinet.

The next step, we are told, will be the invoking of Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon but with David Cameron now effectively working his notice, there doesn’t seem to be any rush to set that particular wheel in motion.  At Acumen we take pride in ensuring we have the best fund managers.  Below, we discuss how with the support of solid financial advice, we can offer you the best guidance on your investments in the aftermath of Brexit vote.

Financial Advice Following the Brexit Vote

So what are we, at Acumen Financial Partnership, advising our clients to do next? We expect a lot of volatility across the markets, not just in the UK but globally too. Some of the post-referendum falls are really a correction of the rise in the markets when a Remain vote was expected so that is unwinding now.

We believe that our clients will be well placed to navigate through whatever happens. There are a number of important reasons for this. In the first place, the overwhelming majority of our clients have chosen to have regular reviews with us and can call or email us with any queries and feel reassured that they will receive a considered response.

Secondly the professional oversight and monitoring that we focus on the portfolios is second to none so whether they be retirement/pension funds, lump sum investments or regular savings, we have the best fund managers in the industry working alongside us.

Thirdly, Acumen advisers take a real pride in the strength of the relationships we build with our clients. We get to know our clients well and over months and years we tailor every investment portfolio, the discussions we have allow us to recommend timely adjustments Quality counts more than ever at times like these and that’s fundamentally what all the portfolios have in common, large or small.

Finally while the weakness in the pound has meant that the “staycation” might be looking like a better bet for the summer, a weaker pound can be helpful in adding extra profit on investments that aren’t bought and sold in sterling.

What’s Next for your Investments?

The volatility we are seeing is a worry of course – journalists and broadcasters add fuel to the fire with their reporting style but it’s very important to avoid a knee jerk reaction. The Bank of England and other Central Banks have already stepped forward to calm the market plus company balance sheets are stronger than they were in 2008 so we are better prepared for the aftershocks.

Some shares will be more vulnerable than others ( for example the FTSE250 has been affected more directly than the FTSE100 as the companies it represents are more sensitive to the UK economy) but this is the very reason why we recommend the highly diversified portfolios we do and do so much detailed work with the fund managers. It’s a case of lots of premium eggs and lots of quality baskets.

If you are a client of Acumen already, you will know that we are happy to discuss any questions you may have and that our “open door” policy is available for you to contact us. If you are not a client but would like to find out what we can do for you, please call us on 0151 520 4353 / 0800 170 7009. The key to all of this is timely Independent Financial Advice from the professional team at Acumen Financial Partnership Ltd.

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