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Get your finances in order for 2015

If one of your New Year resolutions is to get your finances in order for 2015 then you’re going to need some support. In this blog, we give you five examples of how Acumen can help you to keep your resolve and make the most of your money.

Whilst for most people their number one New Year resolution may be to get their fitness regime back on track, here at Acumen we believe that giving your finances a timely health check is just as important. Just as hitting the gym for the first time can be a daunting experience, financial planning can be just as bewildering.

Without some professional guidance, it’s likely that your good intentions in January could be history by the month’s end. Here are five ways Acumen can help you to achieve your long-term financial fitness goals.

5 tips for getting your financial matters in order

1. Look at the big picture

It’s preferable to look at the whole of your financial matters, rather than just focusing on the issue that is of immediate concern. Although focussed advice can be given for isolated problems, such as pension advice or an inheritance tax problem, most financial matters are interconnected. Acumen can help you to achieve that ‘big picture’ perspective.

2. Follow our six-step model

Acumen follows a six-step model for financial planning. When you talk to us about your finances we spend time getting to know you and your financial situation. We gather information about your financial history, your existing financial plans, their savings and borrowings then analyse this data as a team and present you with a tailored and transparent financial plan.

3. Work out the risks

It’s important that your financial aims and attitudes to risk are established at the outset. What are you trying to achieve from your investments? Are you looking for income, for growth or to achieve a specific target level of capital for some point in the future? The next stage is to establish the capacity and tolerance to risk. By speaking to Acumen’s expert investment managers you’ll gain a detailed understanding of the nature and the level of risk your investments actually mean to you and your financial situation.

4. Make tax less taxing

The taxation on investments has never been a simple matter. Over the years it has gained in complexity due to an increasingly elaborate tax system and differing taxation policies across governments. Acumen offers comprehensive investment advice and investment planning including asset allocation, appropriate investment selection, risk mitigation, inheritance tax mitigation and educational cost planning.

5. Pension advice that pays

Due to the recent government led changes to pension contributions and tax breaks, it’s essential that you choose the right pension for you. Amongst our team, Acumen has expert pension planners, who can analyse your financial situation and recommend the most beneficial pension advice and pension plans, specific to you and your circumstances.

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