Whether purchasing your first home, re-mortgaging your existing home or considering releasing the Equity in your home, you have to make decisions which financially are amongst the biggest you will ever make.

With increasing rules and regulations making lending criteria even more complicated, working with an experienced financial adviser makes a lot of sense.

What types of mortgages can Acumen advise on?

As a company we are focused on producing the best outcomes for our clients and in the case of mortgage advice we decided that this is best achieved through partnership arrangements with other independent mortgage brokers.

Our extensive process of due diligence allows us to ensure that our partners operate with the same principles and values that are central to our business.
As part of the general financial advice process, we can help identify your goals and objectives – at which point we can introduce you to a colleague in our network that can help assist you with the mortgage arrangement you require.

In this respect, we have partnerships in both the residential and commercial space – all of whom are equipped to assist you no matter the simplicity or complexity of the case.
For Equity Release and Lifetime Mortgages – we are an active participant in this area of the market, please see our Equity Release page for further detail.

Angela was recommended to me by my accountant many years ago, when she set up Acumen I wanted to transfer to her as all advice she had given me over the years had been sound.

She is an excellent communicator and I also felt confident in her ability to “see round corners” and anticipate future problems. She saved me large amounts of money on my mortgage early on in our relationship and all subsequent investments and pensions have performed extremely well.

GSB, Retired Consultant Surgeon

How can Acumen help you with your mortgage?

No two cases are the same, therefore ensuring that you are well looked after and in good hands is imperative to making the process as smooth as possible.

Whether you are looking at moving house, require bridging loans or are looking at buying a commercial property via a limited company. We have a network of expert connections who will take care of the process every step of the way.

When protecting your mortgage – it is common for a mortgage to be the largest financial commitment you ever make. It is therefore essential to ensure that it is protected against all the unpredictable events life can throw at us. At Acumen we can work with you to design a protection package to suit your circumstances covering:

  • Life insurance
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Income protection

Case study for equity release/lifetime mortgage

Audrey Jones, 69, had recently been looking at ways of improving her financial situation and maintaining her standard of living. She also wanted to help her children financially. She therefore started looking into the possibility of equity release to help her situation.

At first there was some trepidation, as Audrey saw the equity release market as ‘a minefield’. However, after spending much time discussing her personal and financial situation, along with her future aims and aspirations, with her family and financial adviser she felt confident that she was making the right decision.

This lifetime mortgage met her requirements perfectly, allowing Audrey the initial cash lump sum she required. Audrey also liked the Repayment Option allowing repayments of up to 10% per annum of the amount borrowed, which could help her reduce the roll up of interest.

Not only that, but if Audrey does decide to downsize and pay off her loan in full after five years, she can do so with no early repayment charge.

Overall, Audrey feels that taking out the plan has really made a difference to her lifestyle. She has been able to meet all her aims and she now feels she has no ‘money worries’ for the future.

Key Benefits

We ensure that our product innovation is combined with consumer protection to offer you the best possible equity release options. If you are looking to free up capital locked in your home, increase your income, maintain your standard of living, or pass on wealth to your children, talk to one of our dedicated team about equity release today.

Here at Acumen Financial Partnership, we can provide expert advice on a range of residential mortgages, including mortgages for first time buyers, home movers, those looking for re-mortgages, and also equity release or lifetime mortgages.

We explore the different mortgage terms, fixed rates, tracker rates, offset deals, repayment and interest only mortgages to help you to find the most suitable mortgage for you.

A mortgage is the largest financial commitment you will ever make. This is why we design a protection package to suit your needs, including life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection.

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