Nothing thrives on neglect, especially our financial arrangements.

How many of us would invest in a buy to let property, install the tenants and then walk away and not go back to check on it for five years? In just the same way, financial plans, ISAs, pensions, even building society savings accounts, all need attention on a regular basis.

This is why we offer a holistic service, starting with a free initial meeting to find out what you are looking for from us and to work out what your lifetime goals are. Then the real work begins, formulating our advice, discussing it with you and building a strategy to help you achieve your goals.

We make sure your financial plan is a “good fit” for you and your requirements, determining what ongoing service level is required to keep it on track. Right from the outset, we will explain all the costs upfront and outline the best payment options available, so you know exactly what to expect.

Financial Advisory Services

Acumen offers market leading financial advice across a number of areas, including the following:

Financial Planning

Acumen has a highly qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary team of financial planning experts who offer a thorough and tailored approach to your private wealth management. Our financial consultants will gather information about your financial history and current goals, and analyse this data as a team. We will then use these learnings to tailor a bespoke plan for your financial future.


Acumen offers comprehensive investment advice and investment plans. Our independent investment advice begins with assessing your current financial investments and offering guidance regarding suitable investment opportunities. We will help you to understand the types of investments available to you, as well as advise on the reality of those investments and their potential risks.

Life insurance

Life insurance protection underpins good financial planning – it ensures the right amount of money will reach the right people, at the right time, if the worst were to happen. Acumen can make sure you are covered for all the eventualities you want to be covered or at the most cost-effective price. We tailor your life insurance solution around you and your requirements.


Your pension is perhaps the most important financial investment you will ever make. Ensuring that you find the most suitable pension scheme for you and your current situation is vital for reaping the benefits once you retire. Acumen provides expert pension advice across the North West and beyond, helping to forge a favourable pension strategy that delivers a long and enjoyable retirement.


Financial planning for retirement is essential to ensure a comfortable income once you stop working. Our financial advisers at Acumen offer in-depth retirement planning advice, to help you to optimise your current financial situation and reap the benefits in retirement. However close your retirement date is, our financial advisers will find the perfect solution for you.

Cash Management Service

Acumen’s cash management service is designed to maximise your return, minimise the risk and take away the hassle of managing your own cash deposits. With our cash management service, you only deal with one trusted point of contact, while our handy online hub gives you an overview of how your cash savings are performing at the click of a button.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

Lasting powers of attorney can benefit your beneficiaries, allowing your affairs to be handled later on in life. Though the legalities of an LPA are drafted by your solicitor, we can offer power of attorney guidance – in tandem with our partners at Home Instead Senior Care – to provide the framework that ensures your financial wishes are met.

Equity Release

Acumen can help you to understand the options available to you when it comes to equity release. Equity release schemes can give you access to a sum of money from your property, which may be necessary to boost your retirement income. Whatever your circumstances, we can guide you towards the best option for you.