Acumen Financial Services | Financial Advice North West

At Acumen we believe that nothing thrives on neglect and this is as true of our financial arrangements as it is of other aspects of life

How many of us would invest in a buy to let property, install the tenants and then walk away and not go back to check on it for five years? In just the same way, financial plans, mortgage, ISAs, pensions, even building society savings accounts all need attention on a regular basis and that is why we offer a holistic service, starting with a free initial meeting to find out what you are looking for from us and to work out what your lifetime goals are. Then the real work begins, formulating our advice, discussing it with you and building a strategy to help you achieve your goals.

The objectives you have may be simple:

  • Perhaps investing a lump sum
  • Sorting out an investment that has disappointed you and needs to be revised
  • Setting up a worthwhile retirement plan
  • Protecting your family or business against the effects of ill health or death of a breadwinner or key person
  • Organising your mortgage
  • Releasing Equity from your property in retirement

Equally those needs could be more complex:

  • We can help a business owner prepare an exit strategy for retirement
  • Buy a new office building using a pension plan
  • Help reduce a potential Inheritance Tax liability
  • Investing via trusts

Nobody would buy a property, let the tenants move in and not go back to check on things or make sure the rent is being paid for five years or more. So why would your financial plans be any different? We start our relationship with all our clients with a free ” getting to know you” meeting. We will find out what you need and talk to you about how we work and then when we have listened closely to you and when you have decided that we are the advisers you want to work with, we start to build your financial plan. We make sure it’s a “good fit” and then we work out what ongoing service level is required to make sure it stays on track, we agree in advance what it’s all going to cost and explain the best payment options so you know exactly what to expect.