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    Your pension is perhaps the most important financial investment you will ever make, yet most people are happy to leave their pension plans in the hands of previous employers or insurance companies, or invest in “’off-the-shelf” products that are not beneficial to their financial situation.

    Due to the recent government led changes to pension contributions and tax breaks, it is essential you choose the right pension for you – whatever your circumstances. Amongst our team, we have expert pension planners, who can analyse your financial situation and recommend the most beneficial pension advice and pension plans, specific to you and your needs.

    SIPP Pensions

    Self-invested personal pension (SIPPs) offer you the opportunity to take control of your pension, giving you a much wider choice of investments to suit your priorities and preferences.

    What is a SIPP?

    A SIPP is a special form of personal pension which allows you to choose and control the investments within your pension. SIPPs have significant benefits – the key differentiator to a standard pension plan is the range of investments available.

    • An extremely wide range of investment funds.
    • Direct investment in stocks and shares.
    • Cash deposits.
    • Investments in commercial property.
    • Flexible and tax-efficient way to turn your pension fund into retirement income.

    SSAS Pensions

    A self-administered scheme (SSAS) is a special form of occupational pension scheme, designed for controlling directors of private companies.

    Why choose a SSAS?

    The benefits and investment flexibility of a SSAS are very similar to those of a SIPP, however a SSAS has the additional benefit of being able to make loans to the sponsoring employer. A SIPP cannot lend to the employer, so if pension-backed loans are important for your business, then a SSAS is the pension scheme for you.

    Key Benefits

    With so many different pension products on the market it can feel like a minefield. Our knowledgeable team here at Acumen can offer impartial advice tailored to suit your needs. We aim to make the world of pension products more understandable, make sure you don’t fall foul of excessive charges and guide you towards the right pension option for you.

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