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About Us

Life can bring many complications, and financial planning often seems to be one of the most complex areas to deal with.

We often hear about insurance companies and investment houses “talking a different language”. Many clients tell us that they would like a better understanding of their investments and financial matters – being able to find out quickly and easily what their investments are worth has never seemed too much to ask but it’s often a case of wading through mountains of paperwork, deciphering clauses and still feeling unsure of what it all means.

That’s why, at Acumen, we spend a lot of time and effort training all of the team and not just the advisers. That way we can improve the level of service across the board – our deeper knowledge and understanding of the areas that can fox our clients makes it easier for us to help you to a clearer understanding – and you can feel confident that you are getting the advice you need.

Life can throw all manner of challenges at us and financial planning often seems to be at the heart of some of the most difficult ones. Many clients tell us that they feel that when it comes to financial matters, banks and insurance companies seem to be talking in a foreign language.

We don’t think it is too much to ask for an explanation in plain English or to be able to get a quick and accurate valuation of your financial assets, but all too often it seems that there is a mountain of paperwork to sift through before you can find “the bottom line “ – and you then need a home office to store all that paper!

At Acumen we understand that the financial marketplace is a huge, complicated and sometimes even daunting environment, but with our “open door” policy you will have access to advice more or less whenever you need it – over the telephone, via email or face-to-face.

Our independence means that you can rest assured that our approach is unbiased and impartial and with no hidden costs. We agree what work we will do for you and how much it will cost, so there are no unexpected charges. With our combined team effort you will know that you can rely on our advice to be practical, down to earth and relevant to your circumstances and aspirations.

We think it is important that you get to know all of us, not just your dedicated adviser. So please visit the next page to meet the individual team members…