Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning

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The Financial Planning Journey

    Financial planning to help you reach your life goals

    Personal financial planning involves assessing your current financial situation, setting achievable goals, budgeting, managing risks, investing strategically, planning for retirement, minimising tax liabilities, and estate planning. By providing clarity, direction, and peace of mind, it can help you achieve financial security and pass on your legacy.

    In essence, personal financial planning that is tailored to your individual circumstances and goals is crucial for achieving financial stability and passing on your wealth to loved ones in the most effective way possible. You can rest assured that you’ll be in excellent hands with our team of experienced advisers and financial planners.

    Personal Financial Planning Services

    Acumen offers market-leading personal financial planning services across a number of areas, including:

    Estate Planning

    Estate planning ensures the right amount of money goes to the right people at the right time when you die. It is important to consider the ‘who, what, when and how’ of estate planning. Acumen can help you to optimise the estate and inheritance tax (IHT) planning aspects of your will.

    Equity Release Advice

    Acumen can help you to understand the options available to you when it comes to equity release. Equity release schemes can give you access to a sum of money from your property, which may be necessary to boost your retirement income. We can help guide you towards the best option for you.

    Investment Advice & Plans

    Acumen offers comprehensive investment advice and investment plans. Our independent investment advice begins with assessing your current financial investments and offering guidance regarding suitable investment opportunities. We will help you to understand the types of investments available to you, as well as advice on the reality of those investments and their potential risks.

    Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

    The future is full of uncertainties that none of us can predict. Whether you wave goodbye to Britain for sunnier climes over the cold winter months, or are unfortunate to fall victim to a debilitating accident, you might one day require someone trustworthy to execute your affairs. This is where a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can give you real peace of mind that your personal welfare, finances or property are in safe hands.

    Life Insurance Advice

    Life insurance protection underpins good financial planning – it ensures the right amount of money will reach the right people, at the right time, if the worst were to happen. Acumen can make sure you are covered for all the eventualities you want to be covered or at the most cost-effective price. We tailor your life insurance solution around you and your requirements.

    Pension Advice & Plans

    Your pension is perhaps the most important financial investment you will ever make. Ensuring that you find the most suitable pension scheme for you and your current situation is vital for reaping the benefits once you retire. Acumen provides expert pension advice across the North West and beyond, helping to forge a favourable pension strategy that delivers a long and enjoyable retirement.

    Retirement Planning Advice

    Financial planning for retirement is essential to ensure a comfortable income once you stop working. Our financial advisers at Acumen offer in-depth retirement planning advice, to help you to optimise your current financial situation and reap the benefits in retirement. However close your retirement date is, our financial advisers will find the perfect solution for you.

    Our personal financial planning process

    Here at Acumen, we provide personal financial planning services and transparent advice. We pride ourselves on building strong working relationships with our clients. This is how our personal financial planning process works:

    Step 1: Consultation – Your financial adviser will spend time getting to know you and your financial situation to create an effective plan that supports your goals.

    Step 2: Discovery – Our service involves gathering information about your financial history, your existing financial plans, and your savings and borrowings, to build a clear picture of your financial position.

    Step 3: Analysis – We analyse this data as a team, which enables us to formulate a clear and effective plan that encapsulates where you are currently and what steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

    Step 4: Presentation –When we have formulated your financial plan, we will present it to you with a thorough explanation of all our recommendations, answering any questions you might have.

    Step 5: Implementation – Once you are happy, we will put our recommendations into action to make your finances work harder for you. We will regularly review your plan together and tweak it accordingly if your needs change.

    How can personal financial planning help me?

    Maximise your financial potential

    Whilst it is possible to manage your finances without help, utilising tailored financial planning can expand your financial horizons. When you visit Acumen Financial Planning, you’ll have access to our team of independent financial planners’ knowledge, expertise, and insight. All of which we apply to build the most effective financial plan and investment strategy for you, so you can get on with enjoying your life.

    Simplify complex financial issues

    Financial planning can be a complex task with many interconnected variables. Our personal financial planning service considers your entire financial situation, rather than focusing only on an issue of immediate concern. Whilst focused advice can be given for isolated issues, such as pension or inheritance tax queries, we find that most financial factors are interconnected.

    Build your financial security and legacy

    Through a combination of risk management strategies and products, investment advice, and retirement planning, personal financial planning can help you to enhance your financial security, personal wealth and peace of mind. Furthermore, tailored estate planning ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, so you can provide for your loved ones and leave a lasting legacy.

    Why choose Acumen for personal financial planning?

    Since its founding in 2006 by Managing Director Angela Maher BA DipPFS, Acumen Financial Partnership has grown rapidly into a thriving team of 21 staff managing upwards of £350 million of assets from its state-of-the-art Burscough offices. Today, we are one of the North West’s most respected financial advisory firms.

    Our highly qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary team works together to offer a thorough and tailored approach to personal financial planning.

    At Acumen, we promise to deliver:

    • A tailored solution to make the most of your finances and give value for money.
    • A transparent approach – we are trustworthy, unbiased, and make financial planning simple.
    • An exceptional level of cutting-edge knowledge and expertise.
    • A holistic and complete financial plan – our trusted local connections mean we can call on other specialists where needed, much like a GP may refer a patient.

    Client feedback

    If you’re considering seeking private financial planning advice with Acumen, head to our client testimonials page to read some more of the feedback we have received from current and previous clients, and get an idea of what to expect from our service.

    What our clients had to say

    Don’t just take our word for it, take a look below to read Peter’s first-hand account of his experience with our private financial planning:

    Angela’s advice over the years has been invaluable with her expertise over anything financial, Angela offers a high standard of service with back up from a competent team and I would recommend Angela to anyone who requires excellent service and sound advice for any financial planning.

    Peter, Merseyside

    What does financial planning involve?

    Our tailored financial planning services help with a broad range of financial issues, including:

    • Investments – investing a lump sum or building an investment portfolio.
    • Estate planning consultancy.
    • Retirement planning & saving.
    • Pension planning.
    • Inheritance tax.
    • Dividing pension entitlements & assets upon divorce or separation.
    • Life insurance advice.
    • Planning for university & school fees.
    • Planning & reducing borrowing risk.
    • General financial ‘health checks’.

    Request a free Consultation

    For more information about Acumen’s personal financial planning services, or to speak to a member of our helpful team, contact us today!


      Personal financial planning is the process of managing your finances to achieve specific life goals and objectives. It involves assessing current financial situations, setting realistic goals, creating a financial plan to reach those goals, and regularly monitoring and adjusting the plan as necessary.

      Financial planning is important because it enables you to set and achieve your financial goals effectively. It also involves mitigating risks – such as job loss or unexpected expenses – through strategies like insurance cover and emergency funds.

      It also encompasses optimising tax efficiency, planning for retirement, and estate planning to ensure assets are distributed according to your wishes.

      The personal financial planning process involves various aspects, including budgeting, saving, investing, risk management, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning.

      The ultimate goal of personal financial planning is to ensure financial stability, security, and success over the short and long term.

      The most important aspect of financial planning can vary depending on individual circumstances and goals. However, while every aspect of financial planning is interconnected and important, establishing and maintaining a budget lays the groundwork for overall financial success.

      Without a solid budget in place, it becomes challenging to achieve other aspects of financial planning, such as saving, investing, and managing debt.

      Key benefits of personal financial planning

      We tailor our financial planning advice to you and your needs. Our holistic approach means that we can help you to achieve your life goals across a range of areas.

      Our financial planning experts have more than 120 years of collective experience in the industry. So, with Acumen, you gain access to that wealth of experience to help guide your planning.

      Your financial plan will be designed to maximise the potential of every aspect of your finances, from your income and cash flow to investments, assets and debt.

      We listen to what’s important to you, and we are here to help you make the best financial decisions for your future.

      Our expert insight will help you to develop a stronger understanding of your finances. We work with you to make informed decisions, with the goal of achieving and maintaining financial security for you and your family.

      Our expert team is on hand to help you to prepare your financial planning goals. We work with you to assess your financial goals and put clearly defined goals and strategies in place to help you achieve them.