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Slide What is a cash
management system?
A cash management system
ensures that sufficient cash
is available to meet your
current and future
liabilities, with any surplus
invested across various
banking institutions to
generate the maximum

Acumen’s cash management service is designed to maximise your return, minimise the risk and take away the hassle of managing your own cash deposits. No longer will you have to scour the high street or banking websites to find the best interest rates. Nor will you have to deal with several banking institutions separately again.

With Acumen’s cash management service, you only deal with one trusted point of contact.

What’s more, our handy online hub gives you an instant overview of how your cash savings are performing. You can access your details at the click of a button on your mobile, tablet or desktop devices. We will inform of you as soon as there is a change in any of your savings interest rates and recommend alternatives, if necessary, to ensure the best returns at all times.

Straightforward cash management products and services

We understand that there are numerous occasions when you will want to retain substantial cash deposits. We also appreciate the issues and concerns that this can cause – not only in terms of the best available rates of interest but also the overall security of your capital.

As part of our straightforward and streamlined cash management service, Acumen’s experts can provide you with clear-cut advice about everything from the most preferential interest rates, to the provenance of each banking institution that we recommend and the options available to you for holding cash deposits over varying timescales.

We also aim to minimise the impact of higher tax charges, particularly for individuals and trustees. Our dynamic cash management service gives you access to expert advice on short and long-term strategies.

Benefits of Acumen’s cash management services

Acumen’s cash management solutions offer the following benefits:

• We find the most competitive interest rates
• We only work with the most reputable institutions
• We take away all the hassle and legwork
• We reduce your paperwork with a central hub
• We increase the tax efficiency of your cash savings
• We can offer improved rates for large cash sums

A significant benefit of this cash management service is the higher levels of protection for your money. There is always a risk of financial institutions going bust, therefore the FSCS provides £85,000 of protection on cash deposits, per person per institution. Splitting a large sum of money between multiple banks ensures that if one of the financial institutions went bust, you would benefit from a far greater level of protection.

For more information about our cash management products and solutions, speak to one of our expert advisers today on 0151 520 4353 or [email protected].

For existing clients, click here to access your online cash management service.

Key Benefits

The financial advisers at Acumen have years’ of experience in advising clients about their cash deposits and can arrange deposit maturities to meet your cash flow needs. For more information about our cash management products and solutions, speak to one of our expert advisers today on 0151 520 4353.

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