Private Financial Planning

Private Financial Planning

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The Financial Planning Journey

    Private financial planning from Acumen

    Our team of highly qualified financial advisors and estate planning consultants can help you to navigate the complex decisions that come with managing your finances. We help you to plan for your future, ensuring that you remain in a secure and prosperous financial position.

    Here at Acumen, we provide tailored financial planning and transparent advice, and we pride ourselves on building strong working relationships with our clients. Your financial advisor will spend time getting to know you and your financial situation to create an effective plan which supports your goals. 

    Our service involves gathering information about your financial history, your existing financial plans, and your savings and borrowings, to build a clear picture of your financial position. We analyse this data as a team, which enables us to formulate a clear and effective plan which we will guide you through in detail.

    Our private wealth management service can simplify complicated financial issues to set you up for a secure future. You can rest assured that you’ll be in excellent hands with our team of experienced estate planning consultants.

    How can tailored financial planning help me?

    Make the most of your financial potential

    Whilst it is possible to manage your finances without help, utilising tailored financial planning can expand your financial horizons. When you visit Acumen Financial Planning, you’ll have access to our team of independent estate planning consultants’ knowledge, expertise, and insight, all of which we apply to build the most effective financial plan and investment strategy for you.

    Simplify complex financial issues

    Financial planning can be a complex task with many interconnected variables. Our private wealth management service considers your entire financial situation, rather than focusing only on an issue of immediate concern. Whilst focused advice can be given for isolated issues, such as pension or inheritance tax queries, we find that most financial factors are interconnected. 

    Your estate planning consultant will help you to take a step back and build an unbiased view of your finances as a whole, allowing us to guide you and create a robust plan for the future.

    What our clients had to say

    Don’t just take our word for it, take a look below to read Peter’s first-hand account of his experience with our private financial planning:

    Angela’s advice over the years has been invaluable with her expertise over anything financial, Angela offers a high standard of service with back up from a competent team and I would recommend Angela to anyone who requires excellent service and sound advice for any financial planning.

    Peter, Merseyside

    What does financial planning involve?

    Our tailored financial planning helps with a broad range of financial issues, including:

    • Investments – investing a lump sum or building an investment portfolio.
    • Estate planning consultancy.
    • Retirement planning & saving.
    • Pension planning.
    • Inheritance tax.
    • Dividing pension entitlements & assets upon divorce or separation.
    • Life insurance advice.
    • Planning for university & school fees.
    • Planning & reducing borrowing risk.
    • General financial ‘health checks’.

    Why choose Acumen for your private wealth management?

    Since its founding in 2006 by Managing Director Angela Maher BA DipPFS, Acumen Financial Partnership has grown rapidly into a thriving team of 21 staff managing upwards of £350 million of assets from its state-of-the-art Burscough offices. Today, we are one of the North West’s most respected financial advisory firms.

    Our highly qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary team work together to offer a thorough and tailored approach to private wealth management.

    At Acumen, we promise to deliver:

    • A tailored solution to make the most of your finances and give value for money.
    • A transparent approach – we are trustworthy, unbiased, and make financial planning simple.
    • An exceptional level of up-to-date knowledge and expertise.
    • A holistic & complete financial plan – our trusted local connections mean we can call on other specialists where needed, much like a GP may refer a patient.

    Client feedback

    If you’re considering seeking private financial planning advice with Acumen, head to our client testimonials page to read some more of the feedback we have received from current and previous clients, and get an idea of what to expect from our service.

    Get in touch

    For more information about Acumen’s private wealth management services, or to speak to a member of our helpful team, contact us today!

    Key Benefits of tailored financial planning

    We tailor our financial planning advice to you and your needs. Our holistic approach means that we can help you to achieve your life goals across a range of areas. Our financial planning experts have more than 120 years of collective experience in the industry. So, with Acumen, you gain access to that wealth of experience to help guide your planning.

    Your financial plan will be designed to maximise the potential of every aspect of your finances, from your income and cash flow to investments, assets & debt. We listen to what’s important to you, and we are here to help you make the best financial decisions for your future.

    Our expert insight will help you to develop a stronger understanding of your finances, and we work with you to make informed decisions with the goal of achieving and maintaining financial security for you and your family.

    Our expert team is on hand to help you to prepare your financial planning goals. We work with you to assess your financial goals and put clearly defined goals and strategies in place to help you achieve this.

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