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    What is Financial Planning?

    Financial planning can be a complex task with many interconnected variables. Although it is possible to conduct your own financial planning, expert financial advice can make a world of difference and will ensure that your financial goals and dreams are realised.

    It is preferable to look at the whole of your financial matters, rather than just focusing on the issue that is of immediate concern. Although focussed advice can be given for isolated problems, such as pension advice or an inheritance tax problem, most financial matters are interconnected.

    What does Financial Planning include?

    Financial Planning can help with the following financial matters:

    • Investing a lump sum
    • Retirement planning & saving
    • Estate planning & saving
    • Inheritance tax
    • Dividing up pension entitlements on a divorce or separation
    • Ensuring the correct types & amounts of health & life assurance
    • Planning university & school fees
    • Planning & reducing borrowing risk
    • General financial ‘healthchecks’

    Why choose Acumen Financial Partnership?

    Acumen has a 12-strong team including five Financial Advisers on-board offering their experience, financial and planning advice to individuals and companies from Portsmouth to Penrith and from Cardiff to Cambridge.

    Our highly qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary team work together to offer a thorough and tailored approach to financial planning.

    The 6-step model for financial planning

    Acumen follows a 6-step model for financial planning. We will spend time getting to know you and your financial situation. We will gather information about your financial history, your existing financial plans, your savings and borrowings – we then analyse this data as a team and present you with a tailored & transparent financial plan.

    • A tailored solution means we can give you value for money and peace of mind.
    • A transparent approach means we are trust-worthy and easy to understand.
    • Over 90 years’ experience means we are knowledgeable and successful.
    • Our local connections & alliances means we can offer a holistic & complete financial plan, calling on other specialists where we need to, much like a GP will refer a patient to a surgeon.

    Key Benefits

    We tailor our financial planning advice to you and your needs. Our holistic approach means that we can help you to achieve your life goals across a range of areas. Our financial planning experts have more than 90 years’ collective experience in the industry. So, with Acumen, you gain access to that wealth of experience to help guide your planning.

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