The Hive 100 Campaign

The Hive 100 Campaign

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Hello, I am Lucy Molina and I am one of the Business Support team at Acumen, but my role also extends to include other projects, such as marketing & training. 

Recently Acumen Financial Partnership has taken part in The Hive 100 campaign this January and we want to encourage more companies and individuals across the North West to join us in making a difference!


What is The Hive?

The Hive is a Youth Zone based in the Wirral for children and young adults aged between 8-19 and up to 25 for children with learning difficulties or disability.

The Hive’s vision is for every young person across the Wirral to be happy, healthy and to thrive within their community.  

The needs of young people are at the heart of everything they do, and they asked their members what The Hive means to them:

  • Supportive
  • Safe
  • Somewhere to go
  • Place to be myself
  • Safe place
  • Encouragement
  • Friendships
  • Nice people









After Angela, Jon and I visited The Hive on 12th January, we felt we needed to do more. We were completely blown away by the facilities and everything the staff and volunteers are doing for the local community.

We were given a grand tour of the Youth Zone and whilst visiting, we got to see some live classes taking place, one being a class for young parents. The Hive has 3,000 members and 1,250 visits per week, which proves how much the support offered is used successfully.

Since lockdown especially, some young children have struggled with home and school life. A recent national survey has shown that 100,000 young people have not returned to school since the beginning of the pandemic, which

 highlights the huge need for support within the youth work sector. The Hive offers somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to. With a membership fee of £5 per year and 50p per visit, The Hive offers an endless list of activities including boxing lessons, young parent classes, art lessons, music lessons, football coaching and it even has its own climbing wall! Most of the sessions for these activities are after school and on Sundays.

It is inevitably going to be more and more challenging with budget cuts and increasing mental health issues as we come out of the pandemic. Therefore, The Hive needs to be able to continue its good work in improving young lives in the area and we are very keen to get this message across to other businesses and individuals.

How did Acumen get involved?

The Hive asked 100 companies in the North West to donate £1,000 each – and when we were approached, after we saw what they were doing and the huge benefit that the young people are getting from it, we said YES! At Acumen, we believe that the power of local businesses can help shape the next generation, and any donation, large or small goes directly to providing the Wirral’s young people with the support they so desperately need. Even though our offices are a few miles on the other side of the River Mersey, the Wirral is right in the middle of the area which our clients are based.

If you would like to know more- whether in connection with a private enquiry or via a company, you can follow the link below, or give us a call and we will be happy to tell you what inspired us to get involved!

Link to Donate

Donate- The Hive Youth Zone


How to Sign Up to Hive 100

To find out more please contact Ashley Pennington

0151 705 8000


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