Read our latest case studies

Read our latest case studies

We managed investments for this client over a period of time in which she took early retirement and came to the decision to move to a completely different part of the country. The move entailed the coordination of her house sale, a long distance move, a purchase of land, a contract to build a new property, management and withdrawal of existing investments to meet stage payments as the new house was being constructed and reinvestment once the property was built. The previous house sold and our client moved into her new home. A very daunting prospect.

With our help, advice and support, Miss O’D was able to concentrate on the design and build part of her project knowing the financial arrangements were in good hands. This is what she has to say about her experience:

I have known Angela Maher for a number of years and I have a very high regard for her expertise as a financial adviser.

I value her as a highly professional financial consultant and I can affirm my confidence in her judgement and sound advice to me on a range of matters. For instance, on my taking early retirement some years ago, Angela expertly managed my investments in a portfolio of investment funds to suit my needs. In time this gave me the financial security to enable me to make a life–changing decision to move and to have a house built to suit a different lifestyle.

I much appreciate being able to contact Angela for a ready accessibility to professional advice and immediate assistance in dealing with various financial matters.

It is a credit to Angela’s managerial skills that I have always found the staff at Acumen to be helpful and efficient in their dealings with clients.

Miss O’D, Retired Deputy Head Teacher

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