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Money saving tips for 2018

Are you feeling the strain from your Christmas indulgence? Are you looking to get better with money management as part of your New Year’s resolutions? If you are focused on finding the best way to save money, Acumen has some money saving tips for 2018 to help you achieve your goals.

Acumen’s money saving tips

1. Understand your current financial position

This may sound simple, however, being completely aware of your current financial position can help you to set reasonable money saving targets and budget properly throughout 2018. One of the best ways to save money is to look at your current bills, your living costs and even your luxury spending and see if there is any way to cut down this year.

2. Consider your luxury spending

Ask yourself: do you need your luxury spending? An easily achievable goal, for example, would be to stop going out for dinner regularly, just for this month, to add that extra bit back into your account. You could take this money saving tip for 2018 further by cutting back even on luxuries such as that daily coffee – do you really need it? Even the smallest changes can up to a big change overall.

3. Are you getting the best deal?

Are your current electric and gas providers giving you the best deal? January could be the time to start the year off fresh with a new company that can offer you a more reasonable deal on your household bills. One of the best ways to save money is to ensure that your monthly outgoings are compatible with your financial situation.

4. Set financial goals for 2018

What do you want to achieve each month in 2018? One of our money saving tips for 2018 would be to set yourself goals for each month, to work towards a stronger financial future. This could be, for example, to prioritise paying off a loan or credit card that has the highest interest rates.

5. Plan for your future

Is it time to start considering your pension scheme or plan for retirement? Get ahead of the game by getting your future in order. This isn’t just a money saving tip for January but a money saving tip that could help set you up for the rest of your life. Arrange a discussion with one of our IFAs to start your year as you mean to go on.

Money saving tips 2018

Talk to an Acumen financial advisor today

Acumen’s financial advisers are here to guide you through the New Year, towards a better financial future with our money saving tips. Our financial services include: financial planning, investments, pensions and retirement. Speak to one of our highly trained advisors today and they can help you to understand, where you are at the moment and how to set reasonable, achievable goals this year.

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