Sweet end to the tax year calendar

Sweet end to the tax year calendar

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This year, don’t be surprised to find a P60 nestling in your basket of Easter eggs. Because, in a rare occurrence, the Gregorian and financial year calendars intersect in such a way that the forthcoming end of tax year date falls directly on Easter weekend. So, if you want to make the most of your returns, we suggest you hop to it!

That’s right, it’s time to get out your egg timer out and set a date with the tax man AND the Easter bunny if you really want to maximise your nest egg in 2018 (we’ve got plenty more cracking egg-related puns where that came from!).

Here at Acumen, we’d hate for you to be blindsided by the promise of chocolate and a long, relaxing Bank Holiday weekend, and wake up feeling like an April fool having missed the deadline!

Know what to egg-spect from your tax year dates

Commenting on the pending end of year tax period, Angela Maher, Acumen Managing Director, said: “Most people want to be sure they’ve got their ISA contributions, pension contributions and any IHT gifts and tax planning sorted out each year.

“Paying any extras before the end of March will mean you don’t run into delays that could mean you miss the deadline. The Acumen team will be on hand to make sure contributions made by the end of March qualify as 2017-18 payments. But time is running out!” adds Angela.

It is indeed and, with Good Friday falling on 30 March this tax year calendar, you effectively have one less business day to tie up any loose-ends. See what we mean? We’re sure you’ll agree that, this tax period particularly, there really isn’t any value in putting all your eggs in one basket (whoops, the egg puns just keep on rolling!) and waiting until the end of tax year 2017 to get your house in order.

Contact Acumen today

Make sure you enjoy a sweet end to the current tax year calendar by checking in with our friendly and professional financial advisers at Acumen to get your financial matters in order. We don’t want to over-egg the point (we really are terribly sorry!) but time is of the essence!

So, swap potential egg on your face (okay, this really is the last pun – we promise!) for chocolate by contacting us today to arrange your consultation. Call our experts today on 0151 520 4353 or email us at info@acumenfinancial.co.uk.

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