Do I need a financial adviser?

Do I need a financial adviser?

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It is fair to say that most people will require a financial adviser’s services at least once in their lifetimes. In fact, many people could benefit from occasional advice and a few might even be well-advised to take regular counsel. But at what point should you seek assistance from a financial adviser? Acumen explains all.

When it comes to major decisions, like buying a house or setting up a pension, you could be forgiven for feeling out of your depth. Even the usual reassurance of friends, family and internet-based desk research is unlikely to offer definitive answers. These types of major life events do not come around frequently, so a knowledge gap is inevitable and normal. These are exactly the times to find a financial adviser.

Do you need a financial adviser’s services

When to contact a financial adviser

There are numerous occasions in life when some well-placed advice can make all the difference. Most people seek financial adviser services if they are considering any one of the following:

• Buying a home
• Setting up a pension
• Planning an investment
• Starting a business
• Planning for retirement
• Releasing equity from their home

Of course, these are just a few of the reasons you might want to seek professional advice. Other common scenarios include arranging long-term care for yourself or a loved one, divorce or relocating abroad. In any event, whenever you require a financial product – such as a pension, equity release or cash management – it pays to find a financial adviser that you can trust to give you clear guidance and peace of mind.

How can Independent Financial Advisers help?

Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), like Acumen, offer impartial, unrestricted advice that considers every financial product on the relevant market. It is far more than simply instructing you about where to put your money. Rather, a good IFA will give you advice that makes your money work for you and helps you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

A financial adviser will take a holistic view of your circumstances, discuss your medium to long-term objectives with you and recommend strategies to help you achieve your desired outcomes. “We focus our attention on each individual client,” says Acumen Managing Director, Angela Maher.

“It’s about really looking at their personal and financial situation and homing in on what makes their life better. We would like to see our clients enjoy the wealth they have built up and use it to enhance their lives,” she adds.

An independent or whole-of-market financial adviser will find the most suitable products for you from across the broad spectrum of what is currently available. Unlike a comparison site, an adviser can tailor your product to your own unique individual circumstances. Nothing beats the assurance you can gain from a face-to-face discussion.

Find a fee only financial planner today

Acumen Financial Partnership is a truly independent firm of fee only financial planners and advisers. Unshakeable integrity and a truly client-centric approach are at the heart of everything we do. We offer impartial, unbiased advice on a fee only basis, as part of a clear and transparent pricing structure. Our goal is to deliver first-class advice in a plain English, understandable and logical way that really makes sense.

For more information about any of our services and products, please call 0151 520 4353, email or visit

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