Saved money on communiting and office lunches? Invest it wisely

Saved money on communiting and office lunches? Invest it wisely

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Lockdown has been difficult for all of us, some more than others. In a year of mixed fortunes, one positive from the perpetual stasis of lockdown has been the extra cash in the pockets of some British workers. With fewer opportunities to spend our earnings comes greater potential to invest those savings and grow a nest egg for happier years ahead.

To say 2020 has been a “strange” year is an understatement in the extreme. In a year plagued by a pandemic that wreaked havoc on so many lives in so many ways, the monotony of lockdown has simultaneously slowed and accelerated time. The months since the start of restrictions seem to have merged into a blur of sombre news, remote working routines, and awkward Zoom conversations (“Can you hear me now?!”).

But it hasn’t all been bad. Recently, green shoots of positivity have popped up everywhere. The promise of several all-important vaccines that could provide a high degree of protection once approved and widely available. A record growth of the economy by 15.5% in July through to September. And an (eventual) change of faces at the White House, which brings four tumultuous years of Trump’s administration to an end.

Away from these global developments, there have been other smaller causes for celebration. Such as more time with the family, a mercifully sun-kissed spring, less commuter drudgery and – in some cases – more expendable income, thanks to the unfortunate cancellation of holidays and other luxuries like dining out. Few of us would willingly choose the extra solvency over freedoms we once took for granted. But since we’re at this point, it presents rather a unique investment opportunity.

How to make investments in the current climate

If lockdown has left you unusually cash rich, after months of enforced frugality, this could be the perfect opportunity to take stock and consider your options. “As strange as it may sound, the lockdown may have left some of the British workers fortunate enough to hold onto their jobs, better off than in pre-pandemic times,” said Jon Landy, Director at Acumen Financial Partnership.

“Now that the disappointment of cancelled summer holidays has faded, some people may be wondering how to make investments that can turn a negative situation into a positive. For anything longer-term than the immediate next five years, there are plenty of options at your disposal. You could clear debts, top up your pension or start your investment portfolio with one eye firmly on the future.

“It might seem counterintuitive to make investments in uncertain times but periods of volatility come and go; it’s part and parcel of investing. Already, we’ve seen the UK economy rebound dramatically and global markets have responded favourably to the vaccine news and Biden’s win. With investment planning advice from Acumen, the acorn of your lockdown savings could one day grow into a mighty oak of financial stability!”

For more information about our investment planning services, or to speak to one of our advisers, please contact Acumen today by calling 0151 520 4353 or email us at

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