Acumen Financial Partnership is now trademarked

Acumen Financial Partnership is now trademarked

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Trademarking our brand and learning what does ‘trademark’ mean?

Since 2006, when we first opened the doors to clients in our original Maghull office, we have set out our stall as being the “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” firm of Independent Financial Advisers. Right from the start, when we launched our first website (with a different logo and different images) we introduced the whole team and showed our own offices, not some glitzy, glass-fronted metropolis building. We hold dear our very traditional values, telling it how it is, giving straightforward advice in plain English and always aiming to give clients the best advice.

So, what does ‘trademark’ mean and why did we make an effort to get one? Essentially, having a ‘trademark’ means that any particular part of your business or its identity, such as a set of words or a particular design, is distinguished within the marketplace and helps to differentiate your brand from other competitors. Trademarking our business meant that we were able to do this and have legal grounds to defend our identity too.

What about the name, “Acumen Financial Partnership”? That tells everyone, in a nutshell, how we see our role – firstly “Acumen” meaning the ability to make good decisions. “Financial” – that speaks for itself. “Partnership” – we see this as a partnership between our team and our clients and between our team and the investment managers, investment houses and insurance companies that we deal with. Our website and everything on it have been part and parcel of that vision.

All good – until someone tried to mimic us and when that happened, last year, well, then we had to think seriously about what we needed to do next in order to protect our brand, our reputation and our clients from imitations.

So we took advice from the Intellectual Property team at Forbes Solicitors, and with their help and advice we applied for a trademark to protect the “Acumen Financial Partnership” standard and after months of back-and-forth with the Intellectual Property Office, just as we re-opened in 2023, we found out that our application had been granted. So with great pride, we can announce that Acumen Financial Partnership is itself a registered trademark.

This is something we are immensely proud of as for a trademark to be granted, it has to mean something and it must be unique so it cannot be confused with any other brand. Whilst a trademark can’t be descriptive, it must identify the brand and convey certain messages about a company and its reputation. With the internet being so important in the modern world, the value of a respected brand is even greater and the fact that “Acumen Financial Partnership” has been accepted by the Intellectual Property Office as a trademark, is a feather in Acumen’s cap.

Why register a trademark?

After our trademark was granted, we have seen plenty of benefits from undergoing this process. By choosing to apply for a trademark, you and your business are bound to see plenty of benefits too.

By registering for a trademark, you are able to protect your brand and cement your brand’s image and reputation. If you do not apply for a trademark, you are leaving your business vulnerable to its hard work and identity being used by another company to its advantage.

When your business is successfully trademarked, your brand’s identity is unquestionably yours and will give you legal standing to protect it through the UK Intellectual Property Office. If the UK IPO receives a trademark application that is of a similar nature and in a similar industry to yours, you have the power to oppose and potentially refuse the application based on the rights you will have been given. With even more benefits such as adding value to your brand and being able to protect against counterfeiting, having a trademarked business is invaluable to its success.

Contact Acumen today

We hope you have learned about the advantages of establishing a trademark for your business and what does ‘trademark’ mean through this article.

For more information about how a trademark can benefit your business, take a look at what our clients hard to say, or to speak to someone about your individual circumstances and potential cash management services, get in touch with one of our friendly advisors who will be happy to help.

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