Are women better drivers than men?

Are women better drivers than men?

A survey conducted by Privilege Insurance found that only 28% of women considered themselves better drivers than men, with only 13% of men thinking women were superior behind the wheel, but is this true?

A sample of 50 drivers underwent in-car assessments while 200 drivers were observed at Hyde Park Corner. From this, on average, women scored 23.6 points out of a possible 30, while men only scored 19.8 points when marked on 14 different aspects of driving.

In one of the categories, tailgating, only 4% of women drove too close to the vehicle in front, as opposed to an astounding 27% of men. In addition to this, nearly half of men approached hazards too fast in comparison to only a quarter of women.

So, according to Privilege Insurance, women are in fact better drivers than men.

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