Back to the Office

Back to the Office

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Our Burscough office is open again! Monday morning at 9 am the first of our 2 teams were back behind their desks and ready to welcome clients.  We had already split the team into two, working from home on alternate days even before lockdown so now we are back, if you visit us here for a meeting you will be able to see familiar faces – albeit not quite so many of us.

Angela’s team was in on Monday and Jon’s team followed suit on Tuesday and we have been delighted to welcome back clients for face-to-face meetings with social distancing easily managed in our spacious office and antiseptic hand gel at the ready.

We are genuinely pleased to be able to meet up again, although we will continue to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime, Skype – any system that allows us to communicate more effectively.  As time goes forward, we can think these technological solutions will become more a part of our world, allowing us to have better meetings when we cannot either reach you in your homes or your offices, or you cannot get to us.  That will, of course, mean that we can extend our services to more clients further afield – and that too is a positive outcome of what has been a very difficult and challenging situation.

Whilst we have been in lockdown we have also seen Daniel Frampton succeed with further studies. Daniel has now completed all of his Diploma examinations and is just waiting for the results of his final exam to become a fully-fledged Independent Financial Adviser. Not content with qualifying for the Diploma, he has also been doing additional technical examinations and is also qualified now with a Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management and holds the Cert PFS (Securities) qualification.

Angela and Jon have continued to look for opportunities to develop the services that we provide for our clients and with the help of Liz Warren and Celia Evans, our other two Pension Transfer Specialists, we have been looking at ways that we can assist with defined benefit pension transfer enquiries in the best way and so for any clients that would like to discuss this with us, we are able to offer a “gold standard service” with all the security, quality advice, rigorous assessment and due diligence that you would expect of us. Whilst we are no longer dealing with the actual transfer in-house, we provide 360’ advice to ensure our clients have the best retirement possible. Whether someone chooses to transfer or not, clients of Acumen Financial Partnership will know that every part of the advice process has been carried out to the highest standard and with their best interest in mind. No short cuts and no stones left unturned. Working in collaboration to explore this very important area of financial planning we can provide the most in-depth analysis of all the pensions options and focus on the ongoing support and financial planning service that is so important for clients to make the best of their retirement.

We continue to provide regular updates by way of our newsletters and we will be in contact with you again as we have more news to tell. In the meantime, if you would like a personal consultation at the office please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We apologise in advance for the fact that we will not be able to offer teas and coffees for the foreseeable future and there are some clear steps that we have put in place to ensure the safety and security of everyone who visits us but all this will be advised to you in all the correspondence before you arrive so you’ll know exactly what the new process is before you get here.

We look forward to seeing you very soon and if you would like to arrange a Zoom or online meeting, or even just a telephone call with your usual adviser, again please contact us and we will be very pleased to arrange a discussion for you.

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