Financial Planning with Acumen: A Chat with Heswall Magazine

Financial Planning with Acumen: A Chat with Heswall Magazine

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Acumen Financial Partnership’s independent financial advisor, Helen Whiting DipPFS, was recently featured in Heswall Magazine. The central theme of the conversation was the importance of having a financial plan, regardless of your financial situation.

Throughout the article, Helen discusses that it is never a bad time to start thinking about a financial plan. “The reality is”, says Helen, “that there is never a bad time to get a financial plan in place. There’s a saying that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is now. Getting your financial ducks in a row and getting a plan in place is no different.”

In these challenging times, budgets are undeniably stretched for many. Yet, it is precisely in such times that the importance of a sound financial plan becomes more evident. Helen urges that having a well-structured financial plan brings confidence, ensuring your investments are rightly placed and yield optimal results.

She points out that financial planning isn’t merely about surviving the present. Instead, it is about taking control of your financial destiny, preparing for the future, and cultivating a healthy financial environment that will yield a secure, prosperous future.

Get in touch with our advisors and discover how you can start creating the perfect financial plan for you.

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Helen DPFS Financial planning Heswall Article

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